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  • Recruiting, Empowering, and Honoring Volunteers in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS.



About Us

PositiveVOICE st-efficient staff, Board members, consumer/community representatives, peer advocates, fundraisers, and in the many other capacities in which volunteers help in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In the pursuit of this mission, we create, deliver, and evaluate programs and services that meet identified needs.

We believe the process of empowering volunteers requires TLC: appropriate and timely Training, easy access to a Library of critical resources, and the proactive creation of a safe and diverse Community.

In addition to undertaking statewide Needs Assessment Surveys, we will develop new programs and services, re-package existing resources, and assist the HIV/AIDS volunteer community in finding and using its voice in the HIV/AIDS publ experts in identifying the need for HIV/AIDS services, designing and implementing programs that meet those needs, and in evaluating the effectiveness of such programs.

Every person serving as a Volunteer in this fight requires access to the best possible know-how to reach their personal and volunteer-work goals, and is deserving of the very best we can offer in the way of "care and feeding." We want our own organization's volunteer program to serve as a model to others.

Our Constituencies

We have two primary constituencies, the first being the thousands across the state who do some kind of volunteer work in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The send a letter of interest along with Resume or C. V. to: Jim@PositiveVOICE.org.

Other volunteer openings are posted at VolunteerMatch.
Click their logo below for a current listing:

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